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Who is Alexander Pearce: The Tourist Movie Review

Who doesn't love Angelina Jolie and I know almost all girls worship Johnny Depp despite his rugged and scruffy look. Being two of the most well loved actors on Hollywood, it is a big treat to see these stars together teaming up on a thriller comedy The Tourist.

"The Tourist" follows a group of French police officers and agents who investigates a woman named Elise (Angelina Jolie) who is a former lover of a most wanted tax evader named Alexander Pearce. Knowing that he is being pursued by the authorities, Alexander instructed Elise to board a train and pick up a man who has the same features like him and make the police believe that he is him. Inside the Train, Elise met Frank (Johnny Depp) an American Tourist. Captivated by Elise's charm, Frank bites the bait and he instantly becomes the target not only by the French Police force but also by Mobsters to whom Alexander stole a great amount of money. Now as Frank runs for his life, the mystery of who is Alexander Pearce slowly unfolds... and he/she is not who you actually expect.

This movie is good example of sophisticated spy thriller-mystery that doesn't thrive in too much explosion. Angelina Jolie's elegance alone immortalizes Paris and Venice's stunning scenery. And it is also good to see Angelina not doing a lot of jumping and stunts because we got to enjoy admiring her without the torn clothes and bloody face. Johnny Depp on the other hand sports a very predictable persona and we could say that Johnny Depp is practically playing himself on the film. In spite of being well anticipated, Jolie and Depp's tandem lacks great amount of chemistry that is why it is hard to convince the audience that their characters did really fall for each other.

As I was saying earlier the movie is not as loud as any of action films that ever released this past few months and years and it doesn't even got close to Angie's last action film "Salt" or Depp's "Public Enemies".   People should erase that misconception that this is an action film but rather a Thriller Comedy with a mix of Mystery. The approach used on the film could be slow and draggy but it adds to the tension and thrill of the film's central idea which is the movie's biggest mystery: Who is Alexander Pearce? People may say that the movie is predictable because they already know how the movie will actually end by watching the trailers, then I will strongly say that they are wrong. Of course unless you have seen the original French film titled "Anthony Zimmer" where this film is based, you will already know the twist of the ending.

If you are the type of film goer who likes to watch a Mystery Thriller, then this is the movie for you. But if you are the one who expects adrenaline rush, think twice before watching this film for you may end up sleeping inside the cinema. Now showing in all cinemas nationwide. “The Tourist” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

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