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When Truth Becomes Lies: Floy Quintos' Fake

I never heard about this show not until it ended when it first run a few months ago in UP Diliman.  I guess my theater radar is still not that good.  Friends and colleges starts raving about it and I feel so bad that I missed it.  Good thing that UP Playwright's Theater decided to have a rerun this month for this much talked about show and I got lucky to catch it.
About the show: Acclaimed as “One of Quintos’ most effective plays…”, Fake delves into the final days in the life of Jose Marco (Joel Lamangan, Leo Rialp), a man who successfully foisted his forgeries of the Code of Kalantiao and La Loba Negra until the fake works were debunked by renowned historian, Henry Scott (Paul Holme). Fake scrutinizes our need as a people to cling and believe in something bigger than ourselves, something even bigger perhaps than truth.
Gerald Napoles as Kalantiao, Leo Rialp as Jose Marco and Karen Gaerlan as La Loba Negra

Like what everybody said, the show is indeed powerful and thought provoking.  Ok it is given that the actors did a very good job on their respective roles and who am I to doubt such names like Shamaine Buencamino, Gerald Napoles, Leo Rialp, Paul Holme, Ces Quesada and I didn't even saw Sir Joel Lamangan's performance but I'm sure that he did a marvelous performance but what really hits me hard with this show is the subject matter.  It opens a lot of questions to myself.  Now it makes me wonder how many on our historical heritage are real or fraud.  What if everything that we know is a lie.  It is a scary thought but this show, this play written by Floy Quintos and Directed by Tony Mabesa just opened my mind to possibilities that may shatter our nation's legacy just in the name of Faith or belief on something that is bigger than anything including the Truth.

Absolutely this is a show worth seeing because it promises top of the line performances from a wide array of talented actors and a substantial material that will definitely feed your mind. Now if you really want to see it, you should not waste time because it is just a limited run that will end on Sunday August 21, 2011 at the Teatro Hermogenes Ylagan, Rizal Hall, UP Diliman.  For the tickets of August 20 show, contact Mr. Toots Tolentino at 09997057103 and for August 21, call Cherry at 0917-7500107 or the Dulaang UP Office at 9261349.  Hurry before they run out of tickets and see you all at the theater.

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