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    First look on the suicidal squad and their new look.

First Look on Andrew Garfield on Spider-man Costume [UPDATE!]

I woke up late this morning and pissed that I will be late at work again. But good thing I checked my facebook and through Super Hero Hype's facebook group page, I found out that a photo of Andrew Garfield in Spider-man suit is already circulating the net.

It is different from the Spider-man that we know. If you will also look a little but closer, you will notice that the costume is made up of different material in contrast to the previous Spidey costume. It looks like a rubber and the web and spider motifs are engraved directly on the suit. The color scheme and the material looks good but I'm quite having second thoughts on the path Sony is trying to do here in changing Spider-man costume design. Or maybe this is Peter's wrestling costume, so probably this is not the final design.

Either way, I'm open with change. I just hope the change will complement the whole movie itself when it comes out in 2012 from Marvel Studios distributed by Columbia Pictures.


Just got a Much better copy of the photo with normalized brightness and contrast.  Now the details of the costume is much clearer and chances that this is Peter's first Spider-man costume grows much stronger.  The unfinished paint job is more distinguishable and the outline of the belt portion that we all are looking for on the previous photo is also visible.  Click the photo for hi-res view.
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