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An Unexpected Turn of Events: MMFF 2010 Winners

Still haven't watch anything from the festival since I decided to stay at home in the holidays to avoid the crowd. But today, I may grab the chance to drop by the cinemas to experience the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. But other than the movies itself, people are anticipating to whom the awards will be given this year. I myself have some expectations despite not seeing any movies from the lineup. Sure thing most of them make it but surprisingly some unexpected titles just grabbed the major awards.

Among the major awards being given, Eugene Domingo received her 2nd best supporting award for Tanging Ina Mo (previously received from Bahay Kubo, Regal, 2008), Best Actress for Ai-ai delas Alas from the same movie and the King of Comedy grabbing a double award of Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for Father Jejemon and Rosario respectively. For the Best Picture, films RPG: Metanoia (Ambient Media/Star Cinema) and Rosario (Studio 5) comes as runner ups while Tanging Ina Mo: Last na 'to grabbed the coveted title as this year's Best.  This is also the year that marks Director Wenn V. Deramas' first award by getting one of the highest titles that night as the Best Director for Tanging Ina Mo.

This is also the first year when MMFF features and gave recognition to independent films as festival finalist.  Among the finalist are:  Rindido, Presa (Best Indi award), Nasaan si Hepe, Slow Fade and Senior Year.

Here are the full list of winners:
  • Best Actress – Ai-ai de las alas (Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na To)
  • Best Actor -  Dolphy (Father Jejemon)
  • Best Picture - Ang Tanging Ina (Last Na To!)
    • 2nd Best Picture -Rosario
    • 3rd Best Picture - RPG Metanoia
  • Gatpuno Cultural Award – Rosario
  • Best Director – Wenn V Deramas (Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na To)
  • Best Story – Mel Del Rosario (Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na To)
  • Best Supporting Actress – Eugene Domingo (Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na To)
  • Best Supporting Actor – Dolphy (Rosario)
  • Quezon City’s Special Citation for Gender Sensitive movie - RPG Metanoia
  • Winner of Gender Sensitivity Award – Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last na To!
  • Best Festival Float – Rosario
  • Best Cinematography – Carlo Mendoza (Rosario)
  • Best Editing – John Wong (Rosario)
  • Best Visual Effects – Rico Guttierez (Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote)
  • Best Make-up – Nestor Dayao, and group (Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote)
  • Best Independent Film – Presa
  • Best Child Performer – Zyril Manabat (Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last na to)
  • Best Production Design – Joey Luna (Rosario)
  • Best Theme Song – Kaya Mo (RPG Metanoia)
  • Best Musical Score – Jesse Lazatin for (Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last na to)
  • Best Sound Recording – Ditoy Aguila (Super Inday and the Magic Bibe) and Ambient Media (RPG Metanoia)
  • Face of the Night – Bong Revilla Jr.
  • Female Face of the Night – Sam Pinto
  • Best Dressed Male Celebrity – Dennis Trillo
  • Best Dressed Female Celebrity – Jennelyn Mercado
As of now I can't give any opinions regarding how these films are rightful for their respective awards.  As much as I'm surprised that some titles and people got an award that I didn't expect them to get, I will still reserve my final judgement after I watch the movies today.

We all know that the Philippine cinema is slowly going down hill and some people already given up and refused to watch this homegrown films but I still encourage everyone that these film makers deserves our support and appreciation (despite how crappy the films are). So today, go to your nearest cinemas, bring your family and friends, and watch these films prepared by the finest studios and film makers.  They could be not as good as the foreign films that you love to watch but I'm pretty sure that if you just take chance to sit back and see it, I'm sure that you will enjoy it somehow.

See you all at the cinemas.

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Chris A. said...

I commend you Jori for still promoting the local film industry amidst its shortcomings. If you ask me, there is already an improvement from past films but there is some factors that hinders it from moving forward. Still, let us be positive about the local film industry as they need all of the support they need. Sadly all the support seems to go nowhere as we are being treated with the same stuff over and over again. As they say, if it is not broken then don't fix it it (Enteng Kabisote, ahem).

We know the Philippine cinema can deliver. If they could only maintain such consistencies and do better. The Filipino people deserves good quality films which does not necessary mean that the industry should focus on drama, but to tackle all genre with great writing, acting, direction and production value.

Joriben Zaballa said...

Amen Chris A. !

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