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Favreau Quits Iron Man 3 for Magic Kingdom

Just heard that Jon Favreau is quitting the Iron Man franchise. At first i think it is just a rumor or hoax because for what I know, Favs already given almost half of his life on this project. But I guess I'm wrong after all.

According to our friends at the FanBoySEO blog, through Jon's twitter, he confirms that he is tapping out Iron Man 3 out of his to-do list this coming years, instead he will be doing a fantasy film from Disney titled Magic Kingdom.  So far what everybody knows about Magic Kingdom is it's a movie about DisneyLand, the Theme Park itself coming to life after a family is caught up inside. It may sound like Night at the Museum but Jon promised that it would be a lot more better, darker and grittier.

It is sad that Jon is leaving the project.  It is also true that Iron Man can look for other talents that can be as brilliant as Favs but the question is who.  I just hope Marvel and Disney will get the right man to continue the Legacy of Iron Man franchise and possibly the whole Avengers franchise itself.

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