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Jori Goes To Baguio... to Relax

I can't remember the last time I went out of town just to relax. Because most of the time I only spend my weekends at home blogging or watching tv series and movie DVDs. And for a person like me who spends almost 25% of his day on his job, rest and sleep is a valuable commodity (I don't even have teh time to write this post). So when a friend told me that he can arrange an event that will bring us to Baguio, I agreed as soon as all the details are finalized.

Last September 23, together with some blogger friends we went up to Baguio for an overnight stay on Mines View Park Hotel. It is a quick trip from Manila which is 5 hours tops compared to what I use to know, thanks to SCTEX (see I haven't gone to Baguio for a long time now). Though we lack sleep (because of excitement), I still can't get a good snooze because of the hyperactive cast of van number 1. Yep, I'm talking about these clowns from the photo above.

With the stellar cast of Van number 1

with Ryan goofing around the background

I feel so small with this Lion Head

Then just a few more hours, we reached Kennon Road.  And of course we, stopped over the Lion's head.  At last we got to relax after a long trip and feel some fresh and cold air.  Oh now I feel the Circle of Life is chanting inside of my head.  Baguio is just around the corner.

Bloggers at the fireplace feeling cold but warm with everybody's companionship :)
At last we reached the venue.  Mines View Park Hotel staff gave us a warm welcome by carrying all our luggages and bags on the main receiving area.  Inside, soft comfortable sofas are available for guest to rest after a long trip from Manila.   First impression: Cozy and relaxing.  It is not that Hotel you really expect.  The atmosphere inside is as friendly and mellow as what you can see outside.  While everything is being fixed on the counter, you can have a breather on the fire place with a glass of a cold drink.

After the Lunch presentation, we are accompanied by the Hotel staff on a quick tour around the Hotel.  Just like what I expect the Hotel is not that big compared to other Hotels.  It is a 4 storey building with 29 rooms available for occupants.  We finished touring the whole hotel for just a couple of minutes and we decided to went on our respective rooms.

Yes this is my favorite part.   Just like what I said earlier, for people like me who spends a lot of my time on work, siesta time is a treasure for me.  So when I opened our room, I smiled because it is something I really picture.  A soft bed in front of a flat screen TV and beside is a big window over viewing the Coldillera Mountains and a vast forest of Pine Trees.  At this moment, My wishes are already granted.  I'm not really an out door person so just by staying inside the Hotel, the relaxation is already very rewarding for me.

Included on the package is a free breakfast.  And boy when they say breakfast, they really mean it.  Longganisa, fried egg, garlic rice, espada (fried fish dish).  The breakfast will make you full for the day that you will forget to eat Lunch.

After gaining all those pounds after that mouth watering meal.  Health buffs should not worry about losing all those extra calories.  The Hotel provides an option to everyone to have body wellness activities like the Yoga session that we participated.  Never done Yoga before but it appears it is like those stretching sessions we do on the Gym but with less tension and more on relaxing.

After the stretching experience in Yoga, you can continue burning calories on the Gym located on the 3rd floor which is close to our room.  Equipped with the most modern exercise hardware, guests are given the privilege to use the facility to acknowledge their need to stay fit all the time while enjoying the panoramic view of mountains and forest.

The Backstreet Boys LOL

The Bloggers after a Videoke session still alive and kicking

Among all the activities we do inside the hotel that I really enjoyed is the bonding moments of bloggers at the fireplace and the non stop videoke session on the function room.  So far this is the happiest vacation I ever have.

We also went out of the Hotel to raid the ukay ukays and pasalubong stores.  It is a tiring day since we are already in a hurry because we are about to leave Baguio in just few hours.  After a quick tour around Baguio, we choose to go back to the Hotel.  While others stayed on the receiving area for Lunch, I went back to our room and enjoyed watching TV on my bed for the last time.

To sum it up.  If you are the one who wants to relax and enjoys a laid back life like me.  Mines View park Hotel is a perfect place for you.  A very relaxing and cozy place to hang out with friends, family and love ones while chatting on the fireplace, working out on the gym, enjoying a relaxing massage or a Diva session on the KTV.  If you are the one who plans to go out and spend most of your time outside, then staying in Mines View Park Hotel is not advisable.  Because I believe you will not enjoy the worth of your money if you will use the Hotel as a baggage counter.


I really wish I can stay much longer because Mines View Park Hotel makes me feel that I'm at home.  I can't wait to go back and stay again on their relaxing abode.  For Inquiries call 424-1088 or 09228886392.  You can also reach them through email at info@minesviewparkhotel.com.

photo credits: Ryan Joson, Iris Acosta, Iris Pulga, Jeman Villanueva, Flow Galindez, Azrael Coladilla

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galing nung kuha sa foggy hotel

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thanks! now ko lang nakita at nabasa. great pictures. nice blog. hehehehe.

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