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Voltron the Movie Pitch Artworks

While surfing through the net last night, I stumbled upon a weird artwork. To be honest the idea didn't cross my mind not until an officemate point it out to me and after every blog and entertainment site had already post the news about it.

Joblo just released an artowrk of a suppose to be pitch designs for Voltron the movie. Yes, that combiner cartoons with lions as motif (well there is also a vehicle version but that's another story). I'm still staring on the artwork now when I already noticed the Voltron references. But if I really don't know that it is a Voltron art, I will not think that it is.

It looks ridiculous and I mean it in a bad way. It looks like a cheap imitation of Bayformers (transformers micheal bay version). But to be honest the Lion form looks good. The robot mode is the one that needs a lot of work.  I would love to see Voltron on the big screen, but not with this concept.

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