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Disney's Tangled New International Trailer

Walt Disney Pictures have released an international trailer, along with some new stills, from Tangled (Rapunzel). This trailer featuring new scenes and some revelations regarding the plot of the film. It seems that they are really giving Flynn (Zachary Levi) the spotlight rather than Rapunzel (Mandy Moore).

I've heard that the film is already receiving negative feedbacks regarding the change of the title. But in my opinion, doesn't really matter if the title is changed as long as the overall package is good.

Actually I'm more disappointed on the fact that they did this film on CGI. I really thought Disney is going back to traditional animation. I loved The Princess and the Frog and I will be happy to see another one on same league. But it seems that we will have to stick on this 3D rendered animated feature.

I hope this movie won't disappoint. Coming soon in Philippine theaters in Disney Digital 3D™.

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