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Thor Trailer Leaked

Earlier this day, the Thor SDCC Trailer leaked on the net.  The most anticipated trailer on this year's Comic Con just arrived with a big bang.  A whooping 5 minute trailer that will blow all your geek hormones to Asgard.

I'm completely speechless right now.  So far what this trailer shows is a complete epic.  Though the down side is, the trailer might have revealed too much on the plot because I think everything about the film is in there.  And with this trailer a lot of questions are clarified.  For example the question about the Thor helmet's absence on the concept art and official photos is completely revealed on this teaser.   And I really find all the other Asgardian God's kick ass specially Loki played by Tom Hiddleston.  Watch the trailer now to see for yourself.

Here are some screenshots just in case Marvel decides to take down my video:

Can't wait for May 2011.
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bentot said...

this is one hell of a movie. I hope the green lantern can match it

azrael said...

hihihihihihihih... ang saya!

Chris A. said...

Woah! Great post Jori.

The longest trailer din... they eventually will trim it down for the official theatrical trailer anytime soon, but who needs that when we have this kick ass sneak peak!

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