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Jollibee Peaks on Glee

Being the most viewed tv series, Glee had created a new cult following all through out the world through music and comedy.  Now Filipino people, both in media and online are rejoicing for a very Filipino easter egg that will appear on the upcoming episode of this award winning series.

This photo above have been circulating the whole interwebs since yesterday that features a scene with Artie (Kevin McHale) performing with several actors.  What is interesting about the scene is Jollibee, our favorite Filipino fast food chain gets a good exposure at the back.  It is not really clear if Jollibee will get a long screen time during the scene but what is important, this easter egg is a good advantage for Jollibee's promotion and marketing.

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flaircandy said...

yes naman... sikat si jabe! haha

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