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A Modern Apostle: Book of Eli Movie review

The world is already a total waste land after the last war.  A handful of survivors live their lives on isolated towns governed by gangs with guns and goons.    Eli (Denzel Washington) is a man with a mission.  For almost 30 years he is traveling to the west by foot protecting a rare book believed to be already destroyed a long time ago.  The book is so powerful that everyone is willing to kill for it.  But too bad Eli has skills and definitely ready to kill for the book's safety.

Book of Eli is a post apocalyptic film set on a dilapidated outskirts of united states.  The film stars Denzel Washington as Eli and Gary Oldman as his nemesis, Carnegie.  Overall the movie tells a story about a man who protects a book.  Like what everybody expect, the book is none other than the book we use to know as the Holy Bible.  Many people are disappointed about it.  Some critics says because of the revelation of the book's identity, the film becomes senseless and a waste of time.  Many thinks that the idea is lame and the movie becomes very preachy.  I somehow disagree.

Yes, granting the movie is preachy because of the subject matter.  I still find the movie very interesting.  Because behind the simple script is a story full of hidden messages and homages.  Like for example, the film itself  could be a depiction and homage of the life of the Apostles and Christ himself.  Eli is an apostle who wields God's words which is in fact the book.  The only difference this time, people are already aware of the book's powers and capabilities.  The evidence of books being destroyed during the war shows that men learned that Knowledge, Faith and Religion is the most powerful weapon ever created.  That is why many are looking for the book.  Because whoever holds it has the power to control everything.

The film also shows the transition of power between men and women and from normal people to those who have disabilities.  This highlights how the bible gives importance to minorities over those who are more dominant in power.

Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington is a good combination of actors for this movie.  They delivered an excellent performance as a man hungry of power and a man who protects it.   Other actors did a very good job too except Mila Kunis who I think is included in the film solely for the purpose of being a sex symbol.  I would be happy if she got naked on one of the scenes but too bad there are nothing (or MTRCB ripped it) instead she exhibited bad acting and her character has nothing so special to contribute to the story except the fact that her character is probably a big representation of Mary Magdalene.

Book of Eli is a deep movie.  If you want to watch a movie with a lot of ass pounding, neck breaking and head slicing scenes and you don't really care about the  plot, then this is your film.  If you just want to relax and watch a movie that will entertain you, then this is not for you.  Because this film is definitely something that will make your brain work and will make you think.  You must be attentive on every scenes and you must listen between the lines and uncover the secrets of the film.

Directed by Albert and Allen Hughes, The Book of Eli is still showing on cinemas nationwide from Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures releasing International.

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