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Iron Man 2 New Trailer: Rise of the Silver Centurion

Have been sick for almost two days but this new trailer just gave me the shivers that it took me two days to gather my consciousness and say hey, it is coming soon.  I'm talking about the new trailer of Iron Man 2 where new footages are added.  But what really makes this trailer special is an introduction to another NEW Iron Man armor.  And it is in Silver and Red.

We all know that so far Tony stark have 3 armors in the first movie.  Mark I, II and III.  In Iron Man 2 he developed an upgrade for Mark III and Mark IV is born but eventually it is also revealed that there is a Mark V that wields a triangular shape chest piece similar to most of the modern Iron Man armor on comic books.  Of course another greatly anticipated suit is the heavy armed armor of Jim Rhodes (Don Cheadle), War Machine and it rocks.

But we already know all of them and actually have seen them.  Now here comes trailer 2.  Half way the trailer it seems that this one is just a remix of the first trailer but not until you get in to the best part where Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) opened a suit case that transformed in to an Iron Man Armor.  First of all the armor looks very different to all of Stark's previous armor.  It looks more slim, tighter and compact but what really fascinates me is the color scheme used which is Silver and Red.  Is this the Silver Centurion Armor?  So far there are no official announcements regarding the armor but whether it is the Silver Centurion or just a homage, I still think it is so far the coolest Iron Man armor.

Can't wait for May.

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Thefanboyseo said...

I dont think its the Centurion armor Jori. I think it just uses the same color scheme. :D

Joriben Zaballa said...

yeah I do think so but it is really cool that they used the color scheme.

Jason said...

As much as I would truly love to see the Silver Centurion (my personal fave) armor in the movie, that's not it. I think its gold, not silver, probably a more subdued color of gold.

Joriben Zaballa said...


yes that is not the Silver Centurion. It is the Mark V armor aka the Suitcase/portable Armor. According to trailers and previews, it is the armor Tony Stark will use to battle whiplash.

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