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Angel Locsin Folded and Hung Sexy Pictorial

Angel Locsin is a good actress no doubt to that.  She is versatile and I admit I fell in love with that face once.  But ever since the network transfer issue, I suddenly lost interest on her.  Maybe because I think she have already achieved everything even before she transferred.  It is like waiting for something new.  But to no avail, her fame slowly drops though not entirely down to the pavement but merely overshadowed by new talents.

But just yesterday, I think Angel just captured my attention once again.  Somebody just gave me a heads up about Angel's new Folded & Hung billboard.  So I tried to look for the photos online and lucky me I spotted a bunch of them.  And since I'm generous I'm sharing them all to everyone.

Thumbs up for Angel.

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jheng said...

i love angel locsin :D

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