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In and Out Wonderland: The Book within a Book Experience

As you can see, I always share some good tidbitz from the upcoming Fantasy Adventure Alice in Wonderland.  I've been receiving a lot of updates ever since I received this giant book from Wonderland itself.  This book is so magical that I want to share my fantastic Book within a Book Experience.

It is just an ordinary day at the office.  There is only one word to describe it --- Chaotic!!!  Then hours before the lunch break, the receptionist called on the phone saying that i need to pickup this package.

"Puwedeng ikaw na lang magdala sa akin?" I ask as I tap on the table obsessively because of my deadlines.

"Ikaw na lang Jori, kasi malaki yung package" She insisted.

So I think I don't have choice so I wasted minutes to go to the reception just to pickup the package.  I was surprised when I see a big item packed on a mysterious paper wrapper.

"Wow!  Ano naman 'to?", I asked as I try to figure out what it is without opening it.

"Ewan ko nga Jori, bigla na lang lumitaw dito.  Ni hindi naglog yung nagdala niyan.", she said.

Carrying the package back to my cubicle, I'm still puzzled for who the hel;l will send me that package.  But since I'm still preoccupied I dump the package under my table and continued working my ass out.  It is already pass 10pm when I finished my deadlines.  I was so exhausted that I fell asleep on my cube.

Then after the nap, I'm surprised that I'm already not in my office.  Suddenly I saw myself on a colorful mysterious place with weird flora and fauna.  Then I met this man with a fancy looking hat and funny makeup.  Then here comes a big Rabbit and a weird twin that looks like a human egg.

"What is your name?", the weird guy in the hat asked.

"Joriben.  My name is Joriben", I muttered as I wonder my eyes everytwhere.

"Come with us, we will be having a party", the man invited.

"No, I'm lost I just need to get out of here and go home."

I was about to leave them when I saw a beautiful woman on all white.  I tried approaching her.   But as I come closer another woman tried to attack me with her army of frogs.  You all know that I'm afraid of frogs so I run frantically away from the woman with big head.   But while running away, I suddenly bumped to someone.  A girl.  The girl is beautiful, though she looks really weird because she is wearing a dress torn apart as if she's molested by someone.

"Who are you?" she asked as she try to cover herself.

"Don't worry miss, I'm not a bad person" I said as I slowly comes closer to her.

She seems very lost as she is looking everywhere obviously scared.

"It seems that you are lost.  But I'm also lost so I can't really help."

Moment of silence.  I really don't know what to say because I'm also panicking.

"What is your name?  My name is Joriben.  But you can call me Jori like most of my friends does."

She didn't answer.

"Hellloooo.  I know you are scared but you will stay scared if you don't talk.", I said as I sat beside her.

"Oh I'm sorry.  It's just that this place frightens me a lot.  By the way my name is..."

She is about to say her name when a loud scream echoes all over the place.  The woman with big head is back with her army of Frogs.  I grabbed the girl's hand and we run away from the woman's army.  The woman orders her Frogs to jump faster as if she knows that I'm afraid of them.  So I run faster than I can so that the frogs will not catch me.  The Girl and I are so busy running for our lives that we didn't notice that we are approaching a cliff.

"Oh my God!!! Watch out, Cliff!!!", she souted.

But it is too late, I fell on the cliff towards darkness.  It was pitch dark and I'm still falling.  I don't really know how far will I fall when suddenly I just woke up.

"Bossing.  Kayo na lang nandito sa opisina.  Magoovertime pa ba kayo?", the guard asked.

"Hindi.  Uuwi na ako", I said as I pack my things and get ready to live.

I was about to leave my cube when I remember about the package.  I grabbed it and went home.  After almost an hour of travel, I arrived at my pad so tired that I just fell on my bed.  I was almost half asleep when suddenly the girl reappeared in front me this time blurred on my vision.

"Open the package Joriben.  It holds the key.  It holds the answers.", she whispers.

And she keeps on saying that phrase several times until I woke up again.  Then I saw the package.  I immediately opened it and this is what I got.

A big book that says: ALICE IN WONDERLAND.  She said the book holds the answer so maybe it does so I opened it and starts reading.

The book is so magical that this book contains more books inside that tells more about the place I've been to earlier which is Wonderland.

It also tells me the identity of the people I met.  The Mysterious guy on the funny hat is the Mad Hatter, the Beautiful woman in white is Mirana the White Queen, the woman with Big Head and Army frogs is Iracebeth the Red Queen and the girl with a torn dress is none other than Alice.

I enjoyed reading the book.  I enjoyed discovering many things about Wonderland.  I just wish that I can go back there and hangout with Alice and the beautiful White Queen.  I was about to retire that night when I almost forgot that Alice is also saying something about a key. so I opened the book and true enough on the last book within it, a key is encased.  A note also comes along with it that says:

"This key will take you beyond the gates of Wonderland and unveil the many secrets that awaits you."

I quickly grabbed the key and used it.  And what happens after that is pure magical.

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