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Pinoys Dominate Biggest Loser Asia

I just watched the latest episode of the Biggest Loser Asia.  But the episode is almost over and the only thing I caught is the elimination segment.  Just like what I expect, Pinoy contestants will look on each other's back till the end as they are the one left on the Red Team.

For almost 4 weeks, red team Lead by Trainer Kristy Curtis has been sitting on the Eliminations because of the continuous winning streak of the Blue team lead by Dave Nuku.  But after those weeks of eliminations, Pinoy contestants Carlo Miguel, Christine White and Kevin Yue managed to survived after eliminating all non-filipino teammates.  Now a growing controversy spread that the 3 contestants already planned it from the very start.  Many people believed that Filipino contestant Christine White deserves to be eliminated because of her poor performance and she also have been manifesting diva attitude ever since Garry Holden, one of the team's biggest loser is eliminated mainly because of her accusation that Garry is playing dirty.  Behind this Carlo assured that there is no free ride on the competition and he believed that Christine deserves it.

But whatever other people say, I'm just happy to see kababayans to stay in the game.  Good luck to them.

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