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Thundercats Movie Concept Arts Revealed

Last year I heard the rumors that Warner bros. is cooking up a cgi movie based on the classic animated series Thundercats. The movie is almost ready for a production with The script, written by Paul Sopocy, was to follow Lion-O’s origin myth from young cub to his anointment as Lord of the ThunderCats, and was to be directed by veteran art director Jerry O’Flaherty.

But Sadly the movie didn't push through. But folks over Movieline, got copies of O'Flaherty's concept arts.

All I can say is this artworks are kick ass and I think the Thundercats movie is just worthy to be translated to a full length movie whether it is Live action or CGI animation. Hoping that this project will come true in the future. For now, enjoy the artworks and reminisce.

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