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Digital Innovations in Greenbelt 3 Cinemas

Filipinos are natural born movie lovers, movies had provided everyone with entertainment and leisure that we all deserve after long hours of work. But going to the cinema today became an ordinary habit that sometimes people just choose to stay at home rather than spending those hard earned cash on a regular habit that you can do even in the comfort of our homes.

So to make movie going extra special, 3D and Digital cinema is invented.

Now in our country slowly most of the cinema owners are converting their theaters to accommodate movie with Digital 3D experience. Greenbelt 3 is just one of them. Taking cue from this dynamic movement, Ayala Malls Cinemas sparks excitement in the local cinema exhibition landscape as it unveils an innovative technology designed to take movie-watching experience a notch higher. The THX certified Greenbelt 3 Cinema 1 is now equipped with Dolby 3D Digital Cinema technology, guaranteed to give discerning movie goers a one-of-a-kind viewing pleasure.

This ground-breaking approach to film exhibition gives a refreshing dimension to the silver screen. What was once viewed as “flat” images now spring to life with realistic clarity and brilliant colors.

Again we will be instructed to wear a special 3D glass which enables the cinematic effects. The movie pops out of the screen as if the characters are talking right in front of us. Enhancing the 3D Digital Cinema experience is the theater’s THX sound system. Setting the standards in high quality film presentation, the THX sound system delivers a full dynamic audio range that is uniformly distributed throughout the theater.

With these innovations, going to the theater for a movie indulgence is once again exciting and enjoyable.

Greenbelt 3 Digital Cinema will be officially launched this coming Saturday so next week, the cinema will be publicly available to everyone with Disney Pixar's UP. So grab your family, friends and love ones and book a ticket for another cinematic experience in Greenbelt 3 Cinemas.

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