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Iron Man and Wolverine Anime Teasers Premieres

At last, Sony Entertainment Japan and Mad House Animation released the much awaited teaser trailers of two of the much anticipated turned anime Marvel titles: Iron Man and Wolverine. As of now there are still no details of what will be the plot of the anime versions but judging on the trailers, Iron Man is wielding the 2008 movie version armor while the Wolverine anime version has a little resemblance to Wilson Tortosa's Wolverine version on his ongoing manga series Prodigal Son.

But despite that, I'm sure everyone is excited to see the final products next year especially MadHouse is behind it. Being the animation company behind The Dark Knight Animated DVD and Death Note, MadHouse is indeed the right choice for the job. And I can't wait to see the teasers for X-men and Blade.

For now enjoy these teasers of Iron Man and Wolverine.

Iron Man Teaser

Wolverine Teaser

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