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Win FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party Tickets

I know you want it.

The Hottest party for guys only takes place once a year. Yep, the voting for the 100 Sexiest Woman in the World of FHM Philippines had come to an end and as usual, FHM PH will be having a victory party on July 9 at World Trade Center to present all the sexy ladies that we voted.

But of course you need a ticket to attend this one of a kind event of the year and the only way to get it is of course from us. Then if you really want those tickets badly, you should pay attention and follow this steps:

  1. Open an account in FHM.com.ph
  2. Go to MyFHM section to view your Profile
  3. Then go to FHM Hunt (You must be logged in to be able to access this section)
  4. Now all you have to do is complete five of the new puzzles by looking for the pieces all across the FHM website. Sounds hard well there is an easy way and the clue for that starts in letter "R" and ends with letter "H".
  5. The first twenty-five (25) folks to complete the five (5) new puzzles - the ones with the FHM 100 Sexiest stamp - win!
  6. Winners will be notified, of course. So if you don't get a notification, sorry bro, at least you have these unreleased photos all for your viewing pleasure. You can only participate once. Once you've won, sorry bro, you can't play again. Let's give others a chance.
So start hunting for those puzzle pieces and win this tickets that will serve as your keys to the hottest event of the year and see you there ;)

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