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FHM Street Party

Just like every FHM fan, last May 21 in Eastwood City Libis I joined some friends on attending FHM's Summer street Party. In cooperation with Premiere condoms, FHM Street Party aims to show everyone that FHM is here to stay despite the growing competition in the Market. And true enough, FHM stays as the market leader on male magazine dominating the sexy trend as well as pop culture field.

The show starts with the band Itchyworms performing several songs as a front act. Then after their performance, The Kitty Girls gave a very sexy song and dance number on the tune of single ladies of Beyonce Knowles. After that hot performance, cover girls from December till May visited us: Gail Nicolas, Carlene Aguilar, Paloma, Bangs Garcia and Andrea Del Rosario who stands as the night's emcee.

Then after the cover girls, all the boys enjoyed a short fashion show with sexy hot models. The fashion show started with the models fully dressed and ends with all of them wearing two piece bikinis. Everyone are so busy getting their photos and indeed everybody enjoyed the view of beautiful sexy women.

The night ended just after midnight. Though the night is short, everyone went home happy. And most importantly everyone is sure that FHM will stay as the number 1 men's magazine.

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