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    First look on the suicidal squad and their new look.

First Look on Marian Rivera as Darna

As much as I love Mars Ravelo's Darna, her character had been adapted in to different movies and a TV series. Now after GMA's Darna with Angel Locsin on the title role, The network decided to give the Philippine national super heroine a return in the boobtube. But since Angel Locsin had laready transfered to the rival network, GMA is left with no other choice but to choose for a replacement for the character.

And just like what everybody expected. Marian Rivera, GMA 7's top actress is the chosen one to wear the star spangled red suit of Darna. And courtesy of FleshAsia Daily and Marian Knights Fans club, we got a chance to have a first look on Marian as Darna.

Right now Marian didn't really matter to me a lot but I will admit the new Costume design is much better and looks good on her. I heard the new Darna series is a Retcon and expect the appearance of Captain Barbell who is yet to be cast.

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