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Paloma Esmeria: FHM's Birthday Gift To Me

The moment I heard that Paloma Esmeria will be the April 2009's issue cover, I can't explain the happiness and excitement that I feel. I just said: "This is the most Happiest Birthday of my Entire Life".

I attended her autograph signing session. Not a bit surprised if the number of people present are almost triple than the normal number of attendees because Paloma is indeed the newest and the freshest face of FHM Philippines that can top FHM's finest like last year's Precious Adona. In this issuse, Paloma is not wearing anything but just used golden material used to cover her private parts. Being one of the less exposed models for almost 2 years, Paloma became an overnight sensation among men because of her unparalleled beauty and hotness.

Other than being April's cover girl, Paloma is officially launched as FHM Philippines' new resident Sex Guru, replacing Asia who will be leaving because of pregnancy. Paloma promises the readers that she will not try to be like Asia but she will do her best to give help to everyone who needs it for their sex life. So don't worry, you can see Paloma in every single issue of FHM Philippines. Well that's another reason to be excited for fututre issues of FHM Philippines.

So that's all folks and see you on the next FHM autograph signing.

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