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Monsters vs. Aliens: A Monstrous Movie Review

I'm just wondering what will be your reaction if you go face to face against a giant Caterpillar, a walking human fish, a brainless gelatinous figure, a mad scientist that looks like a cockroach and an over 45 foot silver haired lady. Yeah, I'll probably hear you screaming "MONSTERS!!!!" right now. But what if these monsters are the only one who can save us from a far more greater threat? Are we ready to trust them?

The Earth is visited by an Alien who is looking for a certain element that crash landed on Earth. But just like any typical Alien creature, the simple task of retrieval always end up in a large scale invasion. The humans headed by the U.S. President Hathaway (Stephen Colbert), left with no choice but to agree with General W.R. Monger's (Kiefer Sutherland) plan: Monsters Unleash!!! General Monger has 5 monsters in captivity namely Insectosaurus (Conrad Vernon), Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D. (Hugh Laurie), The Missing Link (Will Arnett), BOB(Seth Rogen) and Susan aka Ginormica (Reese Witherspoon) who are ready to retaliate to the Alien's attacks anytime. But despite the Heroic acts of these epic proportions, humans remain afraid of them and treats them like how normal people treat monsters. Now the Monsters are left with choices, choice to continue saving the humans who prosecutes them, find ways how the humans will like them or just Quit and be what they are, Monsters.

Dreamworks Animation had successfully created another memorable animated film after its success with Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda. The movie is full of lovable characters that are easy to be recalled by both adults and kids. Despite the simplicity of story, the film managed to give non-stop excitement to the audience. The monsters they used in this flick are also homage to some notable monster figures in movies and television. Insectosaurus is homage to Monsters in Japanese TV series like Ultraman and Sentai franchise, BOB is definitely a pun for the BLOB, Dr. Cockroach Ph. D. greatly resembles the Fly, Missing Link on the other hand is a parody of the monster in "The Creatures of Black Lagoon" and lastly Susan is a retake of the infamous "Attack of the 50 foot woman".

The voice cast is also perfect. The voice of Keifer Sutherland is perfect for General Monger. Seth Rogen adds more humor on Bob's voice and Will Arnett voice transformed a gastly fish man into a heartthrob. Hugh Laurie ironically plays a doctor role again in the persona of Dr. Cockroach and he plays the role very well.

We also watched the film in Imax. It is my first time to watch an Imax movie and I really enjoyed it. I would always find myself dodging the flying space rocks or falling buildings. The Imax experience with Monsters vs. Aliens is indeed memorable to me.

I'm inviting everyone to watch Monsters vs. Aliens by Dreamworks Animation. You will surely have fun watching it. And if you have extra bucks to spare, you may want to try experiencing it in Imax. It is a must.

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