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Zaturnnah Musical Returns in Feb 2009

Yes you heard it right. It is indeed a good news for everyone who didn't grab the chance to watch the musical despite having several reruns (yes it is a sin for me). Carlo Vergara, creator of Zsa zsa Zaturnnah comic had announced the 2009 re staging of the Musical Extravaganza.

Here is Carlo's announcement:

Had a meeting over the weekend with Tanghalang Pilipino (TP) and, yes, curtains will rise for the 6th run of the "Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal" in February 2009 for 15 shows. Auditions have taken place to fill in slots for the chorus, as well as a new Dodong (again!) to alternate with Arnold Reyes. Eula Valdes will reportedly do all the shows barring any schedule conflicts. Tuxqs Rutaquio, Joey Paras and Kalila Aguilos will reprise their roles as Ada, Didi, and Queen Femina, respectively.

That is great. Having most of the original cast back to reprise their roles is a good idea for people like me who haven't seen the musical ever since. This time the musical is set to be performed in CCP little theater aiming a 400+ audience every performance date.

More details about the musical will be announced soon.

photo grabbed from Tuxqs Multiply account.

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