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Jori on the Scene: Survivor Philippines Party

Last December 5, 2008, I'm lucky enough to be invited on an exclusive fans party of Survivor Philippines held on a restaurant in Tomas Morato. I got my invites from Survivor Philippines official website. We are served with good food, met new friends and chat about our favorite reality tv which is off course none other than Survivor Philippines.

After the dinner the castoffs arrived and the party starts their. Fans are given the chance to ask questions to the castoffs. After the Question and answer, we all tuned in to the TV for the current episode of Survivor. It is the episode where Chris is eliminated.

Then after that, we just stay on the venue and hanged out with the castoffs.

Marlon the Bad Boy
But not as bad as he is in real life
We call him Mickey now hahaha

Mommy Zita
Nanay ng Bayan
I'm touched when she is the one who
approached and hugged me.

Kaye the model
I really use to hate this girl
but damn she is so fine.
Pang FHM ang dating hehehe
Look at my face

Among the gitls,
She is the one who got famous first.
Very funny and hyper.

Nikki the Call Center Agent
The Sweetest face that night

Kiko the idol
The idealistic Boracay boy
Ang cool ng dreads niya talaga

Chris the Joker
Maliit na tao pero puro
bato ang katawan.
Hindi nga uubra si Marlon dito pag
nagsuntukan sila, lolz

Vern the Chinovela Beauty
I rather not annoy her or she will
kick me out. Taekwondo coach yan.

Chilling out with Paolo and John
Paolo is hoping that Season 2
will Push Through

Snapshot with Emerson
So busy entertaining guests

The Fitness Instructor, Jace
He is really familiar
And I think he is also thinking the same thing
Oh well maybe we bump to each other before

Vev the farm girl
Who is soon to be a crime investigator
Cute girl indeed

Alias Garuda of SurvivorPhilippines.tv
Thanks for the invites, sa uulitin hehehe

It is really one heck of a fanboy night hehehe.

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ohmski said...

shempre matutuloy na ang season 2 dba? hehehe.. next SP event na lang ulit!

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