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Jori on the Scene: Avenue Q The Farewell Run

Just got some free time to post some photos. Here are some shots during the last run of Atlantis Production's Avenue Q last June 21, 2008 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium of RCBC Plaza.

Just like the first and Christmas run. Avenue Q didn't fail to give me the laughs. The stellar cast together with the unholy alliance of puppets gave an excellent performance on stage. Among the actors, I'm totally glued on Ms. Carla Guevara. She really gave new flavor to the character of Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut. Can't really compare her performance to Rachel Alejandro since they both have different attacks and style. Rachel Alejandro stayed faithful to the original Kate and Lucy while Carla plays with the character and came up with a very different but more interesting one.

As expected, Felix Rivera who played Prinston and Rod exhibits musical supremacy together with Ms. Aiza Seguera who played the black ex-child star Gary Coleman.

I just wish that this is not the last time I will watch this musical because every time I watch Avenue Q, I'm reminded that everything in life is only for now.

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