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Ramiele Malubay, Going Home to Philippines

Just got a buzz from a friend who watched the American Idol Season 7 Concert Tour in Sacramento California. He is very fortunate to have a chat with Ramiele Malubay in the Flesh. She mentioned that she will be going home to the Philippines to try the local entertainment industry. And I'm very sure everyone is excited to know on what network will she be working to.

Here is a transcript of the conversation of my friend and Ram during there one on one talk in Sacramento.

I was able to asked Ramiele during the American idol Tour here in Sacramento to greet her Filipino Kababayans all over the world.

Here is the much awaited story: Magiging Kapuso o Kapamilya ba si Ramiele pag-uwi sa December sa Pinas.

When Rami approached me:

Rami: Oh your shirt is so cute! ( I am wearing the Collezione's Phil Map design shirt )

Fabo: thanks! You know what I flew in from Manila just to catch the show here in Sacramento! ( May konting bola yun syempre pero watching the show is really part of my original itinerary since January. )


Fabo: Totoo yun! Oi nagtatagalog kah???

Rami: OO naman! :D Oi uuwi ako sa Pinas sa December!

Fabo: Wow! Talaga? Are you going to do some shows there?

Rami: OO! Sana!

Fabo: OK yun! Anong TV Network ka?

Rami: Hmmm Ano ba Yung TFC ( The Filipino Channel ) ?

Fabo: Ahh ABS-CBN Channel 2 yun.

Rami: Ahh don ko gusto magperform pag-uwi ko sa December kasi alam ko yung TFC. Kaya lang di pa nila ako tinatawagan. GMA 7 palang tumatawag sa akin.

Fabo: Ganon? Eh di ok?

Rami: OO! Sana talaga makapagperform ako don pag-uwi ko.

Fabo: Sa Asap andun sila Sarah Geronimo...

There you go. There is still no final decision on the part of Ram but it appears that GMA 7 has the bigger piece of the cake since she is handled by Fremantle through the idol franchise. But she is brave to say that she prefer to work on ABS CBN because of TFC.

So let's see what is her final decision.

see some more pics from my friend's album

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