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Jori on the Scene: The 7th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2008

It was one of the most awaited event every year by many collectors. hobbyists and artists. Every year our office would participate in the said event to market our product and services. But ever since last year, The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention (TOYCON) had given me more reasons to be present annually. I consider this year's TOYCON to be my turning point on my new career on toy collecting. It is almost 1 year ago, after the premiere of Transformers the Movie when I purchased my first Transformers toy. But from a single toy line, I've begun collecting super hero action figures especially those tied-up in a current movie event.

In this year's event, I decided to be more involved in the activities of the con. Other than being on Yehey! booth I joined most of the event's contest like the Toy Photography contest and Transformers High Speed contest. Off course, my TOYCON experience will not be complete without Toy and comic hunting and lucky me, I just found what I've been looking for with a reasonable prices.

But other than interacting with Toys, the most enjoyable thing in this event is to enjoy it with so many people and friends. I also got the chance to meet new ones.
I hanged out with my other communities like DAMEAT and Transformers Philippines. I also dropped by the Artist Den booth to purchase a Chompy plushie and posed with Lyndon and Chompy for a photo op. I'm also glad to see the Aquino brothers, Ryder and Bleau who are both really good artists.

To top it all. This event is so far the coolest and kickass event of the year (let's see what Komikon and AME can show us this year). And it is not just a gathering of lifeless plastic made toys but a gathering of people that shares common interest and visions.

I'm looking forward for the next Toy event probably in the end of the year. See you soon guys.

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