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Tony Stark in The Incredible Hulk

It's been a very busy week that I didn't update my blog about some upcoming movies like Incredible Hulk. I've seen all the TV spot from other blogs and I'm contended just looking at it. But the latest TV spot is I think the most valuable of all TV spots that they've released.

Why? Two words. Tony Stark.

Yes, you've heard it right. The most talked about Tony Stark meets General Thunderbolt Ross scene is released on the 8th TV spot of the movie. Now, I'm really looking forward for more surprises in the movie since Tony Stark's cameo is already revealed. Maybe a scene with Nick Fury again or a cameo of another Avenger member.

I've also read from The Movie Blog that the CGI on the trailers are all temporary and the final movie is far more crisp and detailed.

In just few days, It's Hulk Smash day.

video courtesy of the movie box.

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