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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, New Age of Versus Fighting

After years since the very last Capcom versus title (Marvel vs. Capcom 2), Capcom just announced a new crossover fighting game soon to hit arcades and concsoles. This time Capcom partenered with the Tatsunoko Productions, creators of Gatchaman aka G-Force and Casshem.

The preliminary screencaps shows the 4 primary characters: Chun-li and Ryu from Capcom and Ken Washio of Gatchaman and Casshem from Tatsunoko Production. Just like Marvel vs. Capcom, the game will feature massive hyper moves, extended screen movement and tag team playing. The only difference is the characters are rendered in 3D cell shaded fashion giving more realism but preserving the anime feel.

There is still no release date mentioned. You can check out the official site for further updates but off course you need to know how to read japanese.

photos from famitsu.

To see the screencaps, go here.

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