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    First look on the suicidal squad and their new look.

First Look on Edward Norton as Bruce Banner

Nearing the end of the year 2007, at last Universal Pictures had already released two promotional stills from another Marvel Comic adaptation, The Incredible Hulk. The photos feature Ed Norton as Bruce Banner also known as the Hulk.

The movie follows the journey of the man as he struggle to find a cure for the Gamma radiation responsible for unleashing a destructive beast within his body. At the same time his romance to his wife, Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) is greatly affected when Betty's father, General Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt) is obsess in capturing the raging monster. Unfortunately in his quest for the cure, he comes face to face to a much stronger threat called Abomination(Tim Roth).

The Incredible Hulk is directed by French filmmaker Louis Leterrier of The Transporter, Unleashed, and The Transporter 2. The film arrives in theaters on June 13th.

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