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Teams of The Amazing Race Asia 2 Revealed

AXN Asia already revealed the 10 pairs of racers that will be joining this year's Amazing Race Asia. Applications were accepted last April 13, 2007 (two weeks after the original deadline). This season is also open to the Japanese, who were ineligible for Season 1. Final interviews were held sometime in April or May 2007. The show starts filming last July 2007.

Allan Wu will be coming back as the show's host and according to him, this season will be much different and more challenging for the racers. He also added that all the teams will not be clumped up together on the same flight as well as stated that new rules will also be implemented.

The Racers

Adrian Yap and Collin Low (Singapore)
Gym Buddies

Young, energetic and passionate about their fitness regime, gym buddies, Collin and Adrian from Singapore are in such good shape that they could be the perfect poster boys for being fit and healthy. In fact, one can hardly tell that this team holds a secret which can prove to either be a setback or a huge advantage in The Amazing Race Asia! The jovial pair will proudly tell you, and expressively too, that Adrian has a hearing disability and relies on sign language to communicate with his teammate, Collin.

Brett Money and Kinaryosih (Indonesia)

Good looking does not even scratch the surface when it comes to describing the glamorous Brett and Kinaryosih! Sure, her excuse is that she is a rising actress with several TV shows and movies under her belt, but with him, he looks like anything but your everyday physiotherapist. First impressions aside, will this beautiful duo dazzle audiences or outshine the competition, or do both?

Monica Lo and Edwin Tien Yin (Hong Kong)

Drama has always been the spice that drives the lives of this team. Monica is an actress who knows the subject all too well in her day job, while Edwin has been nicknamed "Drama King" by his friends.

Henry Reed and Trinidad Reed (Philippines)
Husband and Wife

When it comes to the discipline, dedication and effort placed in getting things done, nothing prepares you quite like the military and after over 20 years of serving his country, retired United States Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Henry Reed, together with his wife, Terri, is taking all he knows about travelling around the world and putting them into competing in The Amazing Race Asia.

Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez (Philippines)
Best Buddies

No Amazing Race show can be without its hunk factor and that is where Marc and Rovilson from the Philippines come in. This is one team with the two flamboyant individuals, who dish out a mixture of comedy and ego with a ton of sass. Both TV hosts by day, Rovilson also works as a magazine editor while Marc is a model, whose face, and rather well toned body, has graced the cover of many magazines.

Pamela Chong and Vanessa Chong (Malaysia)

When it comes to The Amazing Race Asia, there is an unspoken pressure for Pamela, 24, and Vanessa, 29, to bring home the top prize. Yes, both Malaysians realize that there is a lot riding on them to perform well, since the winners of the inaugural The Amazing Race Asia were Malaysian and also an all female team!

Paula Taylor and Natasha Monks (Thailand)
Childhood Friends

One works as a VJ in Bangkok, Thailand, and is a rising, hot starlet, having appeared in several Thai movies since 2002. The other is more than likely a sight for sore eyes at the mining company where she works at, dealing with, well, explosives. What Paula Taylor and Natasha Monks have in common, besides turning 24 this year and in possession of sizzling good looks, is a lifetime of friendship and the intent to win The Amazing Race Asia.

Sawaka Kawashima and Daichi Kawashima (Japan)

For the first time, Japan joins the cast of The Amazing Race Asia and offers up a new element to the race. Siblings Sawaka and Daichi have only recently reunited after a family misunderstanding that happened three years ago. Will the race offer them a chance to re-discover the family love they once shared, or will they buckle under the pressure of their strained family ties?

Aurelia Chenat and Sophie Teng (Hong Kong)

Both in the prime of their life, Hong Kong residents, Sophie and Aurelia are attractive, outgoing, and personable but any other noticeable similarities stop here as both cannot be as different as night and day when it comes to their personalities.

Ann Tan and Diane Douglas (Malaysia)
Dancing Moms

You can call them the desperate housewives of Malaysia - housewives who are desperate for new challenges and adventure that is. And what better way to discover excitement than to pack their bags and take off on The Amazing Race Asia. These two longtime dancing buddies are trying to prove that after family commitments, everything else they undertake should be as easy as performing hip hop or funk jazz.

The Amazing Race Asia season 2 will premiere this coming 1st day of November 2007 in AXN Asia channel. This season will feature special episodes titled Racers Revealed where viewers could have the chance to know the racers better.

Photos and Racer descriptions from Amazing Race Asia Website
Allan Wu Photo from FHM website

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