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Sparky Kristen Bell in Heroes

Episode 5: Fight or Flight can be one of the best episodes of Heroes Season 2. Obviously because this is the first episode Elle, played by Kristen Bell (most popular on her previous tv drama Veronica Mars) appeared. There are a lot of rumors about Elle's identity before especially the nature of her powers. Oh well, her name really gave it away.


Elle is a young woman in her 20's who is in search of Peter on behalf of The Company. Her father (yet to be revealed) also works for the Company and appears to be her superior there. Elle can generate and discharge electricity from her hands. She is observed to weld a metal lock using this ability, and can generate enough current to incinerate a human being.

That is so cool. Kristen Bell discharging electrical currents on her hands and zapping everybody who stands on her way. Elle is one rough babe here. Too bad it seems she is not on the side of the good guys.

Oh it doesn't really matter. See more of Kristen in Heroes every Monday 9pm in NBC.

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