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    First look on the suicidal squad and their new look.

Zaido : Pulis Pangkalawakan

Two decades passed and the universe is again facing a new threat. A creature called Kuuma Le-Ar is reawakened and wage endless peril to humankind. Because of this danger, a new age of metal heroes are about to be called to face Kuuma's wrath.

In September. Watch out for GMA's new primetime offering based on Toei's Classic Metal Hero Franchise. Starred by the Startstruck sensations Marky Cielo and Aljur Abrenica side by side GMA's top matinée star Dennis Trillo as the new Space Sheriffs, given the tasks to be the new protectors of Earth against Kuuma's army of alien monsters, warriors and amazonas. Also in the cast are Lorna Tolentino, Raymart Santiago, Ian De Leon, Paolo Ballesteros, Kris Bernal, Lovi Poe, Jay Manalo and other Gma Kapuso stars.

Witness the birth of new age heroes about to conquer the primetime TV this coming September 2007 in GMA 7.

images from GMA network and video from 1inHeart.

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