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Green Lantern Essential Viewing: First Flight and Emerald Knights

In line Warner Bros. pictures' release of Green Lantern I suggest that you view this 2 animated features that features the green themed superhero from DC comics.

Green Lantern: First Flight, released 2 years ago is produced to the anticipation of the Green Lantern theatrical feature.  It serves as a primer or introduction of Green Lantern not only to comic and Green Lantern fans but also to non-fans.  I'm so reluctant to see this film before because I'm really not a Green Lantern fan, but just months ago I decided to see it since the movie is already coming out and find it very entertaining and refreshing.  It is indeed a must watch specially to those who doesn't know Green Lantern.

Green Lantern Emerald Knights just came out days ago as a suplement for Green Lanterns release later this coming week.  Unlike First flight, Emeral Knights is an Anthology of animated shorts that highlights every Green Lantern Corps member.  This is a big chance for us to learn know the other characters that wil lserve as supporting cast on the upcoming film.   This is definitely a must watch.

This is indeed getting more exciting.  Personally as a comic reader who's not familiar with Green Lantern, I'm so excited to know him and thanks to this animated features, I got the chance to have a heads up.  I'm now confident that I will not be left behind when the Green Lantern fever arrives on June 16 on Philippine cinemas nationwide.

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