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Tekken Blood Vengeance Coming on Cinemas First

I really thought this is a straight to DVD release but according to Namco and the latest trailer released in E3 event, the movie will be released first on selected cinemas in US this July.  Then after the US release, the film will be then released in Japan on September and the Home version (Blu-Ray only) release will be released on November.

I wish somebody will distribute the rights here in the Philippines so that Filipino fans can also enjoy the film on our local theaters.  But if this is not possible, I guess we will be waiting as far as November to enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

kelan ba ipapalabas yan d2 sa pilipinas?

Joriben Zaballa said...

it's an independent production. The possibility of it being aired here is if a local distributor is willing to bring the movie here. i think Local Tekken org should also do the initiative since they are the one who have contacts from Namco itself.

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