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First Look on Chris Evans as Steve Rogers

Just browsing the net and I found this photo from my friend's blog.  The first photo of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers on the set of The First Avenger: Captain America.

As much as I like how Chris Bulked up for the role perfectly, I still have a little concern about something very intricate on the character.  Why it seems that Chris have a brown hair here?   If I recall, Steve Rogers sports a blonde hair and definitely never becomes a brunette on any story arc.  I know this is just a minor detail, but the hair color is a very important element on Steve Rogers' character.

Still hoping they can fix this.

source: The fanboy SEO

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sarah said...

Baka ida-dye pa lang ang buhok niya?

JORI said...




Sa post prod gagawin nilang blonde yan. Mas mura pa. Hehe.

JORI said...

@tarugoman lolz, so mag-effort pa sila na i-CGI ang buhok.

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