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A Tale of a Girl Called Yeh Hsien: The Princess and the Red Carp Review

Considered as the earlier version of the well loved fairy tale Cinderella, Princess and the Red Carp is an original production by Theater Down South adapted from an AD 850 oriental tale by Tuan Ch'eng-shih titled Yeh-Hsien.

Khana Cortez as Yeh Hsien (r) with the puppet Red Carp operated
and voiced by Chino Veguillas (l).
Like Cinderella, The Princess and the Red Carp tells a tale of a girl name Yeh Hsien (Khana Cortez) enslaved by her step-mother (Celine Fabie) and step-sisters (Joonee garcia and Marie Delgado). One day while fetching water on the river, Yeh Hsien met a magical talking Red Carp (Chino Veguillas). Eventually they became friends and Yeh hsien enjoys going to the river just to play with the fish not knowing that the fish is the key to a magical change on her life.

Princess and the Red carp is a sweet and light hearted show that is eventually produced for kids. The show is not that complicated. The fact that it is patterned with the Cinderella mythos making it easier for kids to understand. To be honest I noticed a lot of mistakes, from props left behind in a scene, to an actor failing to change to his other costume and to somebody failing to hold a cloth and probably more other mistakes. But that is what is good with a children's show. You wouldn't mind it because it is a children's show and the kids won't even notice these faults. I even find myself laughing over this errors.

"Somebody over there is claiming the golden shoe but I think she is not a Princess", said The Prime Minister
played by Mikey Llorin after hearing a boy from the audience that claims the shoe belong to him.

Actors did a fairly good job. Didn't see anything special though I would love to commend Mikey Llorin who played the Prime Minister who has a good sense of Wit during the audience participation. I really enjoy that part because of his ad-libs. The music is also good. The main theme song is very infectious leaving my friends singing it the rest of the trip to Manila. The stage also exhibits a good taste on production design. Keeping everything simple and minimalist but beautiful and elegant.

The Princess and the Red carp is definitely a show for the Whole Family. A reimagination of the long lived classic tale that surely will touch your hearts with lessons in life and a music well crafted. Directed and Written by Michael Williams (Master Class, Sweeney Todd) and from the music and Lyrics by Joonee Garcia, catch The Princess and the Red Carp on September 5, 12 and 19, 2010. 3:00pm at Insular Life Theater Alabang.

Tickets are available at Ticketworld. For show-buying and other inquiries, call (02)5056380;
 e-mail: info@theaterdownsouth.com or visit www.theaterdownsouth.com

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