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    First look on the suicidal squad and their new look.


Jori's Entertainment Journal is now open for advertisers.  Here are the list of available ad placements:

Ad banners
Leader Board 728 x 90 $80/month
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 $90/month
Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600 $70/month

Site Skin
Though not clickable, this service offers a very big exposure for the client's brand. It is present on all pages and will definitely get my reader's attention all the time. Price for this placement will be negotiable depending on the brand.
  • Header Banner
  • Site Background
Text Links
Text Link Package Packaged Price Per Month
Single Month $25 $25
6 Months $120 $20
1 Year $216 $18

Paid Posts
Description Price
Image / Infographic * $30
Text Link on Post $60
*More than 100 words accompanying text for Infographic posts will be given an extra charge.

Ad Design
For those who don't have a ready made ads, I also offer ad designing both static and rich media. This is a separate service.

Description Starting Price *
Static Ad $15
Rich Media / Flash $18
*Price will vary depending to how simple or complicated the design is.

Preferred Ads
Entertainment - Movies, Celebrities, TV, etc.
Technology - Hardware, Software, Gadgets, Etc.
Travel - Places, Hotel Accommodations, etc.
Events - Concerts, shows, etc.

If your ad didn't fall on any categories I prefer, we can still talk about it and I will see if I can accommodate them.  It is also important that the ads are for Legal purposes only.  Ads for fraud schemes will be turned down.

AD HOSTING.  For now I can only host static (jpeg,png etc) ads.  Clients should provide me a link to the rich media version of any ads.

EX DEAL. I also accept exchange deals and in kind payments as long as it is in equivalent of the original price.

To contact me, go to this page to see my contact informations. Looking forward doing business with everyone.