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Solaire Resort Introduces Sky Tower's The Theatre Solaire

Good news to all cultural and entertainment junkies out there.  A new theatre in Manila is now out to feed our excitement for more world class quality shows and live performances.  Ladies and Gentlemen, we introduce you Solaire Resort's The Theatre Solaire. 

Located at the newly inaugurated Sky Tower, Theatre Solaire is a multipurpose auditorium that can accommodate 1,760 guest and patronss.  People may think this is too small compared to some of the existing theaters and auditorium in Manila.  Well, Solaire wants to sacrifice quantity over quality.  Theatre Solaire is small but perfectly shaped enabling it to maximizes how audience can enjoy their experience.  They are very confident that there are no BAD SEATS in The Theatre Solaire giving back to you the value of the ticket you purchased.

Another outstanding feature of Theatre Solaire is The Constellation Accoustic System.  Constellation is an advance breakthrough in Acoustical science that enables The Theatre to be flexible and adapt to different forms of performance acts whether it is musical theater, opera, concert or ballet.  And it is all digital.  In one push of a button, they can change the acoustic environment of the whole theatre.

Oh and don't make me start talking about the lights.  The lights are so intoxicating.  The lights are just so vibrant that I thought I'm transferred into an ethereal place.  It is about time that we get top of the line lighting systems for our local lighting designers and engineers to play with.  The stage is also equipped with cutting-edge features such as same-level loading dock, ample wing space, 62 fly lines, a trap door area, and a versatile orchestra pit equipped with hydraulic system.

Backstage facilities includes 12 dressing rooms and a green room/pantry who can accommodate enough number of performers.  The Theatre also has its own multipurpose rehearsal studio and a black box performance space.  Production offices and extensive TV Monitor and communication systems are also included.

Of course the theatre will be useless without tickets, Theatre Solaire is paired with Solaire Box Office with an automated ticketing system.  For souvenirs they also have The Theatre Store.  Now if you want to fill up or just relax before a show starts, The Theatre Foyer houses The Theatre Cafe and the Theatre Bar for all your dining pleasure.

Oh I can't wait to go back to Solaire to enjoy another entertaining night with The Theatre Solaire.  I'm definitely coming back soon.

For inquiries for future The Theatre Solaire events, call Solaire Resorts at 8888888 or visit their official website at www.solaireresort.com.

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