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The Boston: The Kitchen Musical Spin-Off Releases First Trailer

It's been a while since the first season of The Kitchen Musical ended. If you are expecting for the crew of Avilon to return this year, maybe you need to wait a little bit longer.  For now, here comes another musical extravaganza from the franchise who started it all, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The Boston.

Gretchen (Jennifer Blair-Bianco), a talented chef from a humble family, together with co-owner and college friend Noah (Michael Koltes), need more capital to keep their business afloat. They turn to their artistically challenged friend Julia (Natalia Moon) and her wealthy family for help. Just as Gretchen is forced to work harder than ever before for her beloved restaurant - The Boston - she is suddenly faced with a major family crisis that will change her life completely.

Basically The Boston: The Kitchen Musical is set on a separate Restaurant and will be featuring a new set of cast.  Based on the trailer, it looks like The Boston will be having a different tone.  I believe we will be treated with a very different Kitchen Musical on this spin-off specially that they got the most talented actors they can get .  Cast includes, David Bianco, Jennifer Blair-Bianco, Reb Atadero, Red Concepcion, Dax Martin, Steven Silva, Natalia Moon, and Michael Koltes just to name a few.  And guess what, this spin-off will be directed by none other than the Award Winning Director Matthew Rosen.

Looking forward for this new The Kitchen Musical.  I was really excited for a continuation of the original series but I think for now I can wait.  Coming soon, on Lifestyle Network.  Watch out for it.

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