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The CompanY the Musical Soon on Stage?

So I was browsing my Facebook feeds this morning when suddenly I found a post that tickled my interest.  Here is the post.

Are we finally getting a musical theater adaptation of the well loved vocal group The CompanY?  I tried to reach out to some of my connections to confirm it but to no avail I can't get in touch to anyone at this time.  So I did what most information hungry netizen can do, fish information from Social media.  And this is what i got.

What this post confirms and some other proofs I got on social media (that I won't post here) is there is indeed a The CompanY The Musical in the works that has a working title of "Harmony the Musical".  But it appears that it is still on a workshop production mode.  To those who are not familiar with theater lingo, workshop production is like a testing mode for theater.  They got to test everything here, from script, music and of course the over all marketability of the show.  Now, is there a possibility that we can see this on a commercial release?  Yes there is a possibility but not necessarily soon.

Either way, I'm still psyched about this concept.  Imagine all those The CompanY classics being immortalized on stage, "Now that I have You", "Muntik na kitang Minahal", "Pakisabi na Lang", it will be a "kilig" fest in the theater for sure.  Let's hope that this project takes off soon.

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