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X-Men DOFP: Viral Site Reveals Sentinel Mk1, Mutant Detectors and Inhibitors

We've seen some teasers of X-Men Days of Future Past Sentinel from the SDCC but they are revealing more as they formally launched Trask Industries Viral website with a lot of interesting goodies.  And here are some of them.

This is the scale of an average Human compared to Trask's Sentinel Mark 1.  A Sentinel Mark 1 is 18 ft high and they are built solely for mutant detection.

Just like what I mentioned, this is the model 1 created in 1973.  And according to the website, in year 2020 Trask is releasing Sentinel Mark X.  Not sure though if the "X" means 10th or something more sinister because also according to the website, Trask is also doing some genetic research about human mutation.  I will leave all details on that and let you play with all of them in your imagination.

And here are some goodies I'm talking about.  Sentinel Mark 1 photos from the 70's

But before the Sentinels, Trask already created the Mutant Detection Device aka MDD and the Inhibitor.  I guess you guys already know what they do.  Pretty self explanatory.

Inhibitor Collar


And lastly here is a first look of Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask.  This is his photo from the 70's.  I wonder what he looks like in present.

So I was thinking, if Trask is already in production since the 70's why do we never heard of them in the first X-Men movies.  Probably, on those timeline Trask Industries don't exist at all.  And maybe somebody time traveled to the 70's to start the company. Pretty wicked huh.  I'm starting to see how all of this will unfold.  I even think the movie will not change anything because it is already changed with Trask Industry founded in 70's.

I'm really getting excited with this movie.  Looking forward to see more.  For more goodies visit Trask Industries Viral SiteOpening in May 2014, X-Men Days of Future Past is from Marvel Studios, to be distributed by 20th Century Fox through Warner Bros.

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