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Go Berserk with Robinson's MovieWorld The Wolverine Kinect Experience

Who among us geeks would say that we don't want to become Wolverine?  Super strength, adamantium laced bones and claws, Healing factor, and a serious case of temper.  If I have the chance, I will definitely grab it.  Now while we are still waiting for the technology to be invented, might as well we try something closer and it is hitting Manila.

20th Century Fox in cooperation with Robinson's MovieWorld comes an awesome experience to become our favorite raging X-Man.  The Wolverine Kinect Experience will give everyone the unique encounter, reliving some scenes from the upcoming film The Wolverine.  Slice and dice every obstacle you encounter and go face to face with the movie's amazing villains.  Do you think you are up to the challenge?

The experience will be available exclusively on Robinson's malls starting July 19 and will be touring all other Robinson's mall according to the schedule.  The experience is absolutely free but if you want to have the chance win an XBOX 360, you need to purchase any 160z Pepsi product in Cinema Snack Express.

The Wolverine opens in cinemas on July 25 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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