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    First look on the suicidal squad and their new look.

Gatchaman Live Action Movie Full Trailer Now Online!!!

Watch the full trailer of Gatchaman Live Action movie revealing some stunning scenes and characters we both love and hate from the original comic and anime.  This is also the first time we will see the cast in full costume.  Watch it after the jump.

I was really thrilled to see that at last this movie is getting the live action treatment it deserves.  But I'm kinda having second thoughts about the suits.  I still prefer spandex but the layers of armors spoil how they use to look like.  The yare suppose to be Ninjas and they don't need a lot of body armor for agility.  I guess we need to wait until the movie is released before we give our final verdict about the costumes.  I hope they work.

Opening in Japan on August 24, 2013 from Nikkatsu Corporation and Tatsunoko Productions.

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