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Looking Through the Glitter and the Rotten: The Great Gatsby Movie Review

Gatsby? What Gatsby?  Probably this is the same question most people asked when they first heard about the movie.  Well at least from people who haven't got the chance to read the classic novel and watch all those other movie adaptation.  Though many know that the name is synonymous to something suave, grand and extravagant, after watching this movie they will find out more than what they bargain for.

Warner Bros. Pictures The Great Gatsby tells a story about a wealthy man residing inside a big mansion in Long Island.  A mysterious man that only few people know personally.  They call him "Gatsby" (Leonardo Di Caprio).  Though people have their own versions of stories about him, there is one thing they know that they all agree with: He likes to host big parties every now and then.  Gatsby remains mysterious to everyone who attends his parties but not until the day he met Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), the only invited guest he ever had the pleasure to have inside his mansion.

To be very honest, I have an initial idea what the movie is all about.  After all, Fitzgerald's novel is rather a very familiar piece in the academe.  It is just a shame I didn't got the chance to read it.  I know how the book alludes social issues and sensibilities.  Though it tells about a certain tragic Love story, the whole novel is a device to show how rotten the society back then.  This version by Baz Luhrman in my opinion tried to show that and with the use of modern technology he created a lush production design that gave contrast between the Sparkle of  the wealthy's lavish life in Long Island and East Egg and the nasty and foul face of the underprivileged in the Valley of Ashes.  The social decay that exist on the back draft though can be easily overlooked by the Love story between Gatsby and Daisy (Carey Mulligan). That is why in the end, some may become disappointed about the ugly and extremely depressing resolution.

The performance though is not depressing at all.  The ensemble is a mix of the most talented actors the movie can ever have.But among them Leo and Tobey stole the show as they showed mastery of their crafts  as John Gatsby and Nick Carraway.  I'm also thrilled to see Isla Fisher once again and this is my first time to see her on a dramatic role compared to her previous projects which are commonly comedies or animations. 

The movie itself is like Gatsby who hides his true self, behind the beautiful facade is a decadence concealed in hundreds of pretentious smiles and scarred souls. Like what I mentioned, this movie can get in your nerve.  Extremely depressing.  But I believe it serves its purpose as it tells a universal truth about people's ugly nature.

Definitely not the movie you will want to watch to have a good time.  If you are down then I suggest you skip this film.  Be sure to have an open mind and strong chest for it will show you how this living world can also be the gates for hell.

Still open in cinemas. The Great Gatsby is directed by Baz Luhrman (Moulin Rouge!, Australia), distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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