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Iron Man 3 Concept Artworks Shows Deep Space, Hulkbuster and More

Been updating myself on the latest news on movies when I stumbled upon these set of concept and marketing artworks featuring a number of  Iron Man armor that may or may not appear in the movie.  We do know that there are a lot of armor designs get rejected for film use but goes straight to toy lines.  Yep, more money for merchandise distributors.  Either way here are the concept arts.

The deep space armor.  Months ago a lot of merchandise are revealed based on this design.  Like I said before it maybe just be a toy line variant but there is also a rumor that Iron Man 3 will be directly connected to Guardians of the Galaxy.   Some source says that Iron Man 3's post credit scene will show Tony Stark traveling outside Earth where he will encounter something connected to the GOTG.

Hulkbuster Armor? Not really sold with this armor. I'm not even convinced that this is indeed the Hulkbuster.  Probably the ugliest iteration of Hulkbuster in Marvel Universe.  But since there are no confirmation of Hulk's appearance in IM 3 then I will treat this design as a random bulky Iron man variant but not the Hulkbuster.

And other than these two, here are more armors featured on a Hall of Armor Artwork.

Before you get more excited, the image above is a scanned artwork on a merchandise box.  But again I'm still hoping that these legions of armors will indeed appear on the film if the rumors are true.  We will be expecting at least 40 armors since the gold plated armor used by Tony is called Mark 42.

Looking forward to see more marketing materials soon as Iron Man 3 approaches its release on April 24, 2013 in Philippine cinemas from Marvel Studios to be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

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