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Doctor Who: The Cybermen Returns and Redesigned

Ok, I tried to leave all my thoughts about Doctor Who on my tumblr account but I guess it is time to let it out here since it is also a TV series.  Well enough of the long intro.  This post is really about one of the Doctor's most iconic villain, the Cybermen.  And after they are defeated in Closing Time, they are back next year when Doctor Who's Series 7 returns.  I got this photos online featuring behind the scenes footage featuring the redesigned Cybermen.  I'm actually having mixed emotions about the design but I guess you have to see it and judge it for yourself.

Looks familiar?  Looks like they got Tony Stark as a designer and maybe a manufacturer of the new Cybermen.  The armor design kinda look similar to how the Iron Man armors look like.  A part of me is saying that it is about time that the Cybermen got a more modern and slick design but there is also a part of me saying that it is too Iron Man-ish.

What about you?  What do you think of the new design of the Cybermen.  Hit the comments and share your thoughts.


I forgot to mention that the Cybermen episode will be written by none other than Neil Gaiman who wrote the critically acclaimed Who Episode: The Doctor's Wife.  So maybe that is already enough reason to be excited about the episode and it is also the first episode where Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara) will be introduced as the new traveling companion for The Doctor. 

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