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Sky will Fall Today: Movie Review

So I need to write about Skyfall without really talking about "Skyfall" itself. And I'm also not allowed to talk about the twists and those fun details on the denouement. To be honest I don't know how because basically those are the best part of the movie and it will really give you a smile (or a tear) when you finally see those revelations. But since I still need to convince everyone (like I really need to do that), I will try. So here it goes.

Skyfall is by far the most mainstream among the 3 Daniel Craig 007 stories. Remember the common attribute to the series as an origins arc? Now you will finally see a confirmation. It slowly transforms from that Gritty and serious James Bond movie from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace to the James Bond we all use to know. The high tech gadgets are back (and so as Q) and the Bond who Philanders among girls that not necessarily the woman he Love is starting to come out. Also, you need to know that you don't need to see Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace to see this since it is written without so much hint of the previous movies.  So everyone can actually see it.

"Oh I'm not sure if I can top that trick.  Maybe a triple backflip will work."

Of course the explosive scenes and the exotic locales are still present and that motorcycle chase scene in the opening is one of my favorite. We do already saw some motorcycle chase scenes on rooftop but I guess this is the first time we will see a motorcycle chase scene on rooftops of Istanbul, Turkey. I really thought that chase scene I saw on Taken 2 (which is also done on the same location) is already kick-ass but this chase scene in Skyfall got "we are better" shouting all over their faces. It is definitely wicked.

"Can I take a peek?"

The villain played by Javier Bardem is the kind of Villain you will either hate or like.  Well I almost hated the character because the writer wrote him as another rogue MI6 agent who wants to seek revenge to the head of MI6, which is M (Dame Judi Dench).  Yes, you know the  peg right? As if we never saw the same plot in almost any spy movies now.  But it turns out that the plot is just a facade for an interesting character.  He sported an insanity of a homicidal maniac with the intelligence of world's greatest hacker.  And his unique approach on the character will definitely prove how versatile Bardem is.

"Yes that's my car.  Got a problem with that?"

I would really love to continue my ramblings about Agent 007 but I'm afraid that I might reveal some spoilers. I just have to say that Skyfall managed to be subtle but grand at the same time. You will absolutely like the ending though you may find it also saddening. I just wish this is not the last of Daniel Craig because I'm hungry for more.

Now showing on all cinemas nationwide, Skyfall is to be distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

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