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Simple but Enlightening: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Movie Review

Will you ever imagine that a fish can actually survive on a desert?  If not, you are probably like Alfred Jones (Ewan McGregor).  Dr. Jones, as his colleagues call him is a man on Asperger's syndrome and London's top expert in fisheries.  One day, he is contacted by a certain Harriet Chetwode-Talbot (Emily Blunt) representing a Yemeni Sheikh who likes to introduce Salmon Fishing in to the Yemen.  As an expert, of course Dr. Jones insists it is impossible but when he met the Sheikh himself, he is enlightened of one thing that instantly changes everything that he believes in.

I already mentioned on my first post that this movie never really caught my attention when I first heard about it.  I thought it is just one of those random romantic dramas.  But when I did check the trailers and the movie description, the premise instantly gave a spark of interest inside my head.  But then again after watching the film, I'm more surprised that it is not what I'm really expecting. 

Of course there is a romantic angle between Fred (McGregor) and Harriet (Blunt) but the movie didn't just delve on that angle.  I'm even expecting for love scenes but nah, there is none (unless it is cut).  The movie is actually geared to the unlikely bond forged between three new friends: The Sheikh (Amr Waked), Fred and Harriet.  More so, between this 3 characters are more struggles they need to deal with.  From Fred's Marital problems, to Harriet's missing boyfriend and lastly the Sheikh's problem with his constituents.  These layers of complications makes this seemingly simple story to an unexpected complex emotional process.

I also like how the movie used Faith and Religion as moral foundation for the film. And I'm glad it is well represented without being too preachy and very universal.  Another interesting angle of the movie is how the British Prime Minister Press office works just to cover bad publicity.  I was really expecting them to be more like those I saw on spy movies but they actually look like an ordinary office with ordinary researchers.  And I really enjoy Patricia Maxwell's dragon lady persona (played by Kristin Scott). 

Simple but enlightening.  Salmon Fishing in the Yemen may not be your ordinary box office type of movie but one thing is for sure, this movie will make you feel good and will open up your heart for a perspective that can improve if not change your life.  Now running exclusively on Ayala Cinemas (Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma), Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is from Lionsgate UK to be distributed by Movie Punch Philippines.

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